19 August 2009


I haven’t write for a long, long time. Really write something for purpose I mean.For others to read and ponder upon ( and criticise, for sure ).

It stretched back after I finished my SPM. Almost a year. Chronic. But, I won’t say that those were empty months. I did read. I did collect. I did relish things happening around me, aware of what in them to teach me.

But, as usual, the main question lingering in my mind is do I have in me the gut to accept, to embrace the truth, to open myself up, and explore opportunities rather than go hiding, pretending that I snubbed them.

And how about you?

16 August 2009



Menulis kerana ajakan dan desakan tentulah berbeza daripada menulis dengan kemahuan.

Tapi terkadang, ajakan dan desakan itulah yang mencetus kemahuan. Yang berterusan. Yang menyala dan dinyalakan. Yang membara tak kunjung padam.

Salam ukhuwah. Salam perkenalan.