19 August 2009


I haven’t write for a long, long time. Really write something for purpose I mean.For others to read and ponder upon ( and criticise, for sure ).

It stretched back after I finished my SPM. Almost a year. Chronic. But, I won’t say that those were empty months. I did read. I did collect. I did relish things happening around me, aware of what in them to teach me.

But, as usual, the main question lingering in my mind is do I have in me the gut to accept, to embrace the truth, to open myself up, and explore opportunities rather than go hiding, pretending that I snubbed them.

And how about you?

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Anonymous said...

i'd read dis, in ur laptop.. wak2

i m waitin 4 ur pieces (wel, i mean it literally) of thoughts yet to be revealed..

ma'a ttaufiq