15 April 2014


Lingwu Chung. Buah hati saya dan adik-adik masa kecik.

Undying (Richie Jen)
Bear open my chest, let my heart burn under the scorching sun
Burn a seal to remember your merits, and never forget
Even if my head's broken and bleeding, I'll protect you to the ends of the earth
This word "love"-- I'm bold enough to use my whole life to repay it

The fierce wind blows, the ocean roars, a sincere person is undying
No matter how big the earth or high the heavens, in my life I'll only reply with "good"
Cry without restraint, laugh without restraint, the pain of joy is undying
This life, this moment, I only request that you know

A world of ice and snow, I pour icy water over my head (without restraint)
Extinguish the longing, the last place I felt a warm embrace
For whom, were you willing to let your heart become a lonely island?
Open your two hands wide, don't rely on floating on the wind from now on

It's easy to be drunk from the wine of parting, men only bleed they don't cry
Finish your cup, then bid farewell without restraint.