15 December 2009

Hidden Behind Biology (1)

Biology is a field of hard science.

Biology is a field of hard science.

Biology is a field of hard science.

The words used are exact and accurate.

For they talk about facts. Or statements perceived as facts. Or at least, ideas about the facts.

They should be 'entirely unambiguous'.

They are 'the purest form of practical language'.

'The existance of multiple denotations and various overtones of meaning' will cause misunderstanding and confusion.

So, let it be as it used and supposed to be.

Yet, all Biology textbooks in the world is written by human.

And without doubt, human has feelings.

The writers try to imply and acknowledge this while conveying all the informations.

Not only for us to realise having human in us but to  appreciate BEING a human.

Now, an excerpt from Campbell's Biology Eighth Edition, used for our Tadika Medic.
Something that we can choose to reflect and ponder upon.

"Perhaps the reason we have so many unanswered questions about cancer cells is that there is still so much to learn about how normal cells function."       ( Page 243 )

Makes me wonder,
Perhaps the reason we have so many unanswered questions about our life, and the society is that there is still so much we don't know about ourselves. Our inner self.
The basic foundation that lay ground for the formation of society.

This is a quote from Khalil Gibran, a well-known Lebanon poet,

يقولون لى : لو عرفت نفسك لعرفت الناس                                  
فاقول لهم : لن اعرف نفسى حتى اعرف جميع الناس  

An arabic saying if i'm not mistaken,
من عرف نفسه, عرف ربه

Those who know himself, know his God.

1. It is also stated that the cell is a living unit greater than the sum of its parts.
This is not to suggest that we can succeed by our own. No. No. No.
What I mean is sometimes only when we know how great we were made by Allah that we bother to unleash our potentials. 
To know we have them in the first place. 
To unlock them and thus contribute to others.

2. Have we ever ask ourselves before, 
From the very basic (yet it may be intriguing) question of our purpose of existence,
to the extent of how and where we will end?
And stumble upon answer that those are correlated?

3. Irony as it might sound, sometimes we need others to tell us who we are. 
Those who see and want the best of us. Those who hold honesty as their policy.
To act as our mirror. 
To reflect our idiosyncrasies. Of what please and despise others.
They could come in form of our families, friends, comrades, or even strangers.

4. To know where the road lead us, we have to first have the gut to take the first step.
Our whole life is a journey of knowing ourselves. 
So start your journey now.
Or to be more accurate, start realising you ARE in a journey right now, 
for that's when your journey really begin.


anatilokman said...

bio mnarik !
tp ta lart na bce.
buku cmpbell uh bpk berat a..
agkt pong ta larat meyh;)

anwar azhari said...

wah. ak suke cara penulisan ko.
ayat bersahaja. mmg cm dak sambest.

nice post. dunnoe whut 2 add or whut else 2 say.

ABDULLAH said...

ko ni agk puitis r.....
bagus r....
nk tanye ckt...
ayah ko seorang ustaz ke?

Anonymous said...

minx izin copy ..
4 reference..

tepianmuara said...

nasib baik kitorang cuma belajar sikit.

>anwar azhari.
Member amin eh.
mohon tunjuk ajar.

saya kenal saudara kah?
ayah saya guru sejarah,BM.

xd hal.
Pastu, mintak tchr Iqma check grammar eh.

ABDULLAH said...

ak senior ko kt smbs r....
pernah x ayh ko mengajar kt maahad tahfiz almunawwarah, hulu klang??

tepianmuara said...

eh, xpnah le..
t'slap orang nh.