13 November 2009


I am studying for our first English Test right now.
Currently under Dr Mazin Al Gozo.

I miss Teacher Norhajratuliqma tremendously.
 Miss the feeling of not feeling tortured in class. 
and that kind of satisfaction enjoyed upon completing a task.

By the way, while I'm going through the English 112's reference book; New Cutting Edge; Upper Intermediate Students' book, I found a question that is really worth answering.( with a little bit of alteration)

How would you describe your attitude towards rules and authority?

A. I'm completely law abiding student.
B. I break the rules, but only when I have to.
C.I don't break the rules, only when there is no need to.
D. Rules? what rules?!

What is your answer?

 Most probably, we, ourselves is determined by the answer.
For it shape our worldview. Our idiosyncrasies. Our action, and thus...


p/s: ah ha...that just reminds me of  my another beloved English teacher...hehe


SyAKir uZaiR said...

rindu tice??
g la sambest jumaat nh...
ak pon sdey xdpt g nh=)

my answer is c.

Kina said...

tchr iqmaaa!!tchr huz!!
n an0ther??

tepianmuara said...

i think u shud write a post bout our b.o.p..
jgn lupe ntuk jd ...... yg sntiasa trjge.pe jwpan hg ntuk sklan nh?

ye ke tu jwpn hg..cm bdak suci bek je..haha
hatiku tertinggal di sambestari. or large portion of it,at least.hu

anatilokman said...

ak ske nh ..n
ak ske na jwb b !!
n ak pun ske ckgu english ak!
haha :D