15 November 2009

Stop and Stare

I wrote this, after I made one of the biggest decision in my life weeks after SPM. (ceh,br setahun jagung je pun). I've made no alteration since, this is EXACTLY how it was written.

We know how it feel like. Feeling that you have screwed up your life ; that you have taken the wrong path, pick the wrong choice. 

It's rough. It's tough.

You are so sure you are unsure.
Only that is certain.

Life offer us thousands of opportunities, what we have to do is; pick one. There will always be reason to be optimist in everything. But, on the other side, there are reasons against it. And when 'these latter reasons' keep appearing, strengthened by some twist and turn of fate, they will push you to the wrong side of the corner.

Hopes fading.
Confidence shattered.

Is this what it really takes to fulfil our destiny? We keep thinking about the past that we are unable to look further into the future.

What we have to do is what we suppose to. Let the future rear its head, pronounce the the truth which is all but hidden in secrecy right now.

The 'will-then-we-accept-it', is another chapter.

- How I wish I could help - 


mUneer said...

hanip..pakcik sedara ana ada cakap iaitu uncle albert einstein

"in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity"

Mohd Firdaus bin Shafie said...

two roads diverged in a yellow wood

btw ex-bestarian,spekah anda?

tepianmuara said...

bg mun>
yeah!inna maal usri yusra.

la...sy hanif zikri..skrg slamt di sisi afiq muiz..haha

Mohd Firdaus bin Shafie said...

hanip adik ak yg lame xjumpe..haha