21 January 2011

Fountain of Lions

                                                                            diambil dari sini

Poem on The Fountain of Lion.
Translation of the original arabic poem written by Ibn Zamrak for Muhammad V.

May the one who granted Imam Muhammad ideas for the adornment of his halls be blessed!

Are there not in the garden wonders of beauty that God wish to be incomparable?

Fashioned from pearls, it ( the fountain ) is embellished by the clear light that spills over the lustrous surface,
Liquid silver flowing through jewels, touched by the white and transparent beauty.

What is moving so resembles what is still that we do not know which of the two is flowing.

Do you not see how the water spills into basin but how its course is blocked?
Like a lover whose eyes are brimming with tears,
but who hides them for fear of betrayal?

And in truth ( the fountain ) is nothing more than a cloud whose water is channelled to the lions,
just as at dawn the hand of caliph grants favours to the lions of war.

Oh, you who see the lions crouching know that they refuse to attack out of respect for you.
Oh, you of Ansar through direct line have inherited so sublime a legacy that it disparages the firmness of the mountain.
May the peace be with you, and may your feast be multiplied, and your enemy disheartened.

19 Januari 2011.


In front of God,
You don't hide the tears,
as the flow is a beauty that nothing compares,
But, you do fear too.

Of betraying yourself.

Sunset dalam bilik je.
6.15 petang,
21 Januari 2011


Kami tak dapat lihat lions tu kat tempat asal.
Dah dipindahkan ke dalam untuk tujuan pemeliharaan.


:: farhana :: said...

this translation is ample to describe the beauty of the fountain..i believe the original arabic poem is more fascinating than this.. :D

~ use your eyes and heart to know which one is flowing..then you’ll be able to distinguish-hard n soft, liquid n solid and marble n water ~

urm..i wonder, when i'll be able to see the legacy left by the golden age of islam..

Balqis said...

ah, dah sampai alhambra?

Apa khabar sang pengembara di hujung sana?

Oh, padanlah tak bertemu singa tersebut. Disimpan rupanya.


dan mahu pinjam kata-kata ini.

In front of God,
You don't hide the tears,
as the flow is a beauty that nothing compares,
But, you do fear too.

Of betraying yourself.

Terima kasih kerana masih menulis.


tepianmuara said...

for sure. a translation can only capture the essence, at most. the rest can only be felt by understanding the first text.

guna hati?

soon, insyaAllah

>Kak Balqis
yup, alhamdulillah.
Tahu juga akak dah sampai dahulu.

Tulisan itu?
dengan besar hati kak.

akak membaca dan meninggalkan komen pun sudah jadi hadiah besar buat saya. dan, tentu, terima kasih kembali, kerana juga masih menulis.