03 February 2011


Kembara Spain-Itali kami hampir tiba di penghujungnya.

It is perfect in its every imperfection.

Of three things that form the core of my homesickness of Irbid.
1. Mr X
2. Masjid Jamiah and Syeikh Makmun. (they seem inseparable)
3. Dapur kat rumah.

Sekarang dalam flight Rj, selepas flight egypt air cancelled. well, you know why.

Doakan kami.



hana said...

semoga selamat perjalanan.. ^^,

tepianmuara said...

terima kasih cik.



You miss the kitchen? The warmth of the tea session perhaps?

Alhamdulillah you are back, I was afraid that you were ill, hence, that's the silence. I love the cloudy photos taken during the flight journey. Lots of people are unable to witness it. But we, we have been privileged to see the majestic view. SubhanAllah.

Don't worry about the missing book. Just a suggestion, why don't you buy a new, shiny book, and start writing from beginning? Sometimes, the after experiences may inspire you in a way that you could never possibly imagine before. Use the photos to evoke the memories. InsyaAllah, insyaAllah.

I hope your sister is safe and sound. Have a beautiful writing period then.

tepianmuara said...

Nop. I actually miss the 'real heavy cooking'..hah

alhamdulillah, sihat-sihat je.

Senyum kali kedua.
Majestic is the word, I do agree. No less.

Wah, it's a long long journey to go through.
emotional abuse.
But, they say 'jangan mengalah sebelum mencuba kan'
So I'll try.=)

Yup, Hanis sihat.
Thank you for the wish.