26 February 2011

time machine

like lymphatics,
we cannot afford things going back.

not just because.


Abdul Munir Sanusi said...

Can, if you have pathopsyiology. LOL.

tepianmuara said...

the question remains;

can we afford that?



What is that supposed to mean, especially the last sentence? Sorry, my relentless brains could not rest until I find out, hilarious.

tepianmuara said...

well, that's for you to find out.

atau, anggap sahaja tulisan takde makna orang tengah bengong ngadap buku, dan kertas-kertas yang perlu dihadam untuk peperiksaan.

lousy student, I am.



Gosh, I'm not good at all with the interpretation of negation condition.

And you are not a lousy student. How could you? A medical student is a cream of the cream. :)

tepianmuara said...

me neither.

'A medical student is a cream of the cream'
haaa, honestly, I haven't been friendly with this connotation, since...since forever I could remember.

but, this was said for motivation right? so, I'm glad. more than glad. =)

thank you.

kakashi said...

semakin fergh la budak HLS lening.. Takut sero

|nurhidayah| said...

haha.dis is so heavy wit messages

or is it longing for holiday n travel when u r supposed to face n digest all da facts for exam?

after all,both (travelling & studying) wont be so heavy if it's all for Allah.

tho, travelling sounds more tempting than STUDYING

tepianmuara said...


I can survive with either one. Having both would be great.

For your question, yes, it could be part of it, on personal basis.

But let's hope this is a more ambitious attempt.


nurfadhlinashaari said...

nice gila pic

nurfadhlinashaari said...
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tepianmuara said...