15 October 2011

Alkisah Pelvis

Only in pelvis, a false one can be greater!

Anatomically speaking, 'only' only applies as far as I  have found, or in that matter, remember.=)


nurhidayah said...

this one really reminds me of my anat class.we started our first year with lower limb.it's interesting,i guess there is a few things "unusual" ive met during dissection.

tpi,tak phm apa mksud false one can be greater

tepianmuara said...

Dr dissect live depan korang ke?wah.

oh, that's matter of name.
Greater pelvis terletak kat atas. above pelvic brim.

Mungkin dinamakan 'false' sebab lesser (true) pelvis yang penting dlm obstetric.

I'm trying to imply, (amid helplessly, maybe. hah) that to be great, we have to be ourselves, true to our own ability.
In term of not exploiting others' success.

nurhidayah said...

oohhhh.faham dh skrg.org sastera ni deep betul die fikir.

owh,waktu anat class prof akan dissect dpn ktorg.kdg2 ada certain prof akan suruh ktorg dissect sendrik.

but anyway we are free to dissect the cadaver whenever the anat room is vacant.cool kan?dats da good part of it in my uni.anyhow bile dissect tak boleh sesuka hati without knowing what to dissect,mcm tak respect pulak in dat sense.

tepianmuara said...

hmm. ntah. kadang aku lupa aku tengah study medik.

That's real cool. but, here, we get only three hours of lecture a day. No assignment, no nothing (at least from my perspective). dats da good part of it in my uni.

nurhidayah said...

well its a good think to develop both sides of brain as we grow,da science part and the artistic part.so that our brains dont get deteriorated.

tepianmuara said...

Harap-harapnya seimbanglah, 'science part and the artistic part.'